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Of particular note when you consider hiring a professional is that generally, they don't offer sex.The reason for this is obvious: in most places, it's illegal. You mention that you miss it, so you are experienced in BDSM. Have you considered a purely text or phone-based BDSM relationship (as in, you never meet physically)?

If your city is big enough, you'll probably return results from the web pages of professional Dominants. The pages explain their services, their rates, their rules.

However, paying someone to tie you up and tell you you're a dirty girl isn't illegal. Evidently, though, if you're looking for BDSM to be part of actual sex, you're not going to get it through hiring a professional.

As the name implies, these people are in the business of BDSM. You'll be instructed about what the safe words are, you'll have to dress in a certain way, and you will be told what is and what is not permissible to do during a session.

If you already know your specific desire, let's talk about things to consider when finding someone specifically to fulfill your BDSM needs.

So, you're into receiving physical pain, specifically hitting. Are you interested in it being a humiliating over-the-knee spanking, or does that humiliation aspect turn you off?

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