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One good friend whom I trust implicitly (and someone who has a disabled child of her own) suggests I not tell a future dating partner at all."Just let him meet David, then explain that he's a child with autism.I get a SN child can be a challenge, and it sounds scary but at this stage it's early days and you haven't got the full story yet from him.I wouldn't interrogate him about his child, but simply as him to tell about his kid(s) and decide after if you're up for the relationship. Go for the coffee, based on the fact that he's a lovely guy.Obviously, this isn't first date conversation, but at what point in the dating process do I introduce my son's disability?There are some moms out there that likely don’t get the love, adoration and attention they deserve. When it comes down to it, they are going to love hard, give you their all and do their damnedest to ensure that you feel just as loved as their kid does. This post originally appeared on Needs More Crayons. He is a lovely guy and I do want to have a coffee with him. I think that PP jumped the gun in as big a way as your friend did advising you not to befriend a person simply because their child has special needs.I've never been in this type of situation so I thought I'd ask for some opinions. Hmm, from what I read, you were fine to do a coffee date until your friend started to plant seeds of doubts in your head about his SN child? IMO, it's just a coffee date, I'd go, but if you're sure the fact his child pretty much writes him off, I do feel sorry for him.

I love my kid, but autism is a scary word to most people, until they've met someone like my David.Whether it changed my decision about them down the track, I couldn't possibly know until I had gotten to know the person better. He sounds like a wonderful father who has opened up to you about his precious son and you question whether you should continue seeing him or not. You may have more to gain than you do to lose by turning down coffee, without at least finding out more info...? Everyone can use a friend and a nice time out at a cafe.What's the harm in finding out more about him, in any case? Kudos to him for being upfront about his son, I say. Can you not put yourself in his shoes, anon1071, and try to see how it would feel to be dismissed for such a reason? On the other side of the coin, DF knew that I had 2 kids that were 'spirited' and continued to date me anyway. Probably especially if they have extra challenges in their family.I've been chatting to a man from an online dating site for a few days.We spoke last night on the phone and he told me that he has an 11 year old son that has some special needs. So it is OK to discuss terminations of children with Down syndrome or other abnormalities, but not OK to consider what impact a step child with disabilities would have on your own family?

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