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If you have an office or Family group, then perhaps you can pin it right on the top, in order to ensure that you don’t miss messages from them.Undoubtedly the top messaging platform, Whats App today has more than a billion users who are actively sending messages and communicating over voice around the globe.Until date, Whats App has released a lot of features that you can use for messaging.Apart from messaging features, there are several tweaks and tricks that you can do with Whats App.In order to get the new Whats App Pin chat feature, you will need to update the app from the Google Play Store.

First—users get time to learn and use every feature as and when they are released.We have put together almost all the 40 features, tips and tricks that users could use with Whats App to become a Whats App jockey. Send a single message to multiple people at once Broadcasting a single message to multiple people at once is possible.Simply click on the menu (three dot ellipse) and select ‘New broadcast’.However, if you have cleared out the messages or if they are too many, it will be difficult to find out easily.For this, head to the settings and click on ‘Settings’, then ‘Account’ and then ‘Storage Usage’.

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