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Some other notable openings this weekend: Invisible by Ciara Elle Bryant South Dallas Cultural Center – March 3, 6 – 8 p.m.

The code herein has a rather nasty Null Pointer Exception during startup, which is a consequence of a terrible object model which passing object references around during constructor invocations.

I recall having this compile / run on Mac OS Classic, OS/2, Be OS (yes, with the unfinished 1.4 Java port), Windows, Linux, and a few other obscure OS's back in the day.

I took the time to convert it to a Maven 3.0.3 (or greater) project, link it against the most recent version of MUSCLE (currently 6.05) and update the code so it would at least compile.

RR: It’s been a big range, but that’s been exciting for us, to be able to encourage so many types and levels of artists. We’ve gotten pieces in from artists like Kenda North and Margaret Meehan. If we are going to bring about justice and equity as a society, that has to start with saying “this is how we’ve messed up before” and now is the time to do better.

We’ve been intentional throughout the development of this show to be aware of those mistakes and then include people who have historically been excluded from feminist conversation, like women of color or trans women.

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