Pastors ten commandments for dating his daughter

That’s why this fall in our church, First Baptist of Dallas, I’m beginning a new series on Bible prophecy called “Perfect Ending: Why Christ’s Soon Return Matters Today.” And I want to thank you Dr. I want to say one word about that, and I want to give you a little assignment. I’m not at liberty to share everything with you, but believe me, when I am interviewed, the liberals bombard Fox News and any other outlet for having a conservative on, threatening boycotts and other forms of retaliation.

Reagan for standing firm in the faith and proclaiming, without wavering, the truth of Christ’s return. So if you appreciate Bill O’Reilly having me on his program — and he has been very kind to have me on regularly — this is my little assignment for you: E-mail the producers and tell them you appreciate their having me on the program, or whomever is representing a conservative point of view. They need to hear from people who appreciate a conservative biblical viewpoint. Tell them you appreciated it if you saw me or people like me sharing a conservative viewpoint.

The sermon is based on his book, , published in 2011.

The sermon is available in full in our DVD album, Living on Borrowed Time.) I believe the doctrine of the Second Coming is the most neglected doctrine in the Church today. It doesn’t meet my needs today.” Or they say, “It’s too complicated to understand.” God devotes more space to the subject of prophecy than any other subject in the Bible and we need to understand it. You cannot believe the incredible pressure media outlets like Fox News are under when they have a conservative guest on one of their programs.

We had to first of all get rid of five of our buildings, consisting of about 600,000 square feet in the middle of downtown Dallas.

This is the case that removed the saying of a prayer in the public schools.

A simple 22-word voluntary prayer was deemed unconstitutional.

And what was the Court’s reasoning for removing the Ten Commandments from our schools?

If I were to paraphrase this for you, you would think I was making it up.

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