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The government encourages foreign residency by offering a special visa for those that would like to stay in the Philippines.Visit our Philippines Retirement page, or first get an idea of vacation rental accommodation by clicking on a property on the right.The local word for a spouse (wife or husband) is Asawa.Taking things a step further, it is easy to get yourself into 'hot water' and probably lose a lot of money if you go blindly into a relationship (we're not talking about casual liaisons here) with an Asian (Thai or Filipina) woman.While I wrote this several years ago, by 2017 the bad reviews were still coming in!Read them and then pick one of the many alternatives.

There's something for everyone, and for many Westerners the Philippines is a Due to the Philippines' colonial past including 400 years under Spanish control administered from Mexico, when the Catholic religion was introduced and remains prominent to this day. It was jokingly summed up as 400 years of living in a Convent, followed by 40 years of Hollywood!By the way, if you're looking for a hotel near Manila Airport, DO NOT choose the RAF Mansion.Despite its rather grand name it has consistently terrible guest reviews from unsuspecting travelers.All the influences mentioned above have made the Filipina a unique 'hybrid' of beauty, caring nature and a traditionally family oriented person the ideal marriage partner it would seem! There's no avoiding the topic of relationships between European men and Asian women.Many Western men, especially those with failed marriages and relationships in their own countries, are drawn to making a new life in the tropics, countries like Thailand and the Philippines among their favourite destinations. Apart from the different culture and more exotic lifestyle of tropical Southeast Asia, with warm seas, sandy beaches, island paradise getaways, mountains, lakes, food, traditions and culture, there are THE WOMEN! The beauty and 'caring friendliness' of Asian women is legendary, which is why the Philippines is deservedly a favourite place for Western men to holiday, work, retire, and of course marry.

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